Introduction to Spatial Humanities. Visualizing and analysing spatial data in humanities research

Visualizing and analysing spatial data in humanities research


With: Patricia Murrieta-Flores (Co-Director of the Digital Humanities Hub at Lancaster University)

Dates: 25-26 January 2019 Room: 105 (Torre A – FCSH)

Organisation: IHC’s Digital Humanities Lab

Geography is a key element in historical and archaeological analysis. Georeferenced data visualization draws attention to patterns in available information, often leads researchers to new questions, and improves the communication of research results. Nowadays several methods and tools are used in spatial data visualization. The application of these tools and methods has spread throughout the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, where their use in research has expanded both chronologically and thematically. This workshop will introduce concepts, methods and tools for spatial visualization and explore with concrete research questions the potential and the limitations of this methodology.



Day 1
10:00 Welcome and Introduction (Daniel Alves)
10:30 What is Digital Humanities and why should you care? (Patricia Murrieta-Flores)
10:45 Introduction to GIS and the Spatial Humanities (Patricia Murrieta-Flores)
11:30 Coffee Break
11:45 Case Studies (Patricia Murrieta-Flores and Daniel Alves)
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Data sources and GIS (Patricia Murrieta-Flores)
14:15 Introduction to GIS and practical (Patricia Murrieta-Flores)
15:45 Coffee break
16:00 Discussion of potential projects and ideas (all attendees)
17:00 Closing

Day 2
10:00 Cartography in GIS and practical (Patricia Murrieta-Flores
11:00 Working with tabular data and practical (Patricia Murrieta-Flores)
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Georeferencing point data (Patricia Murrieta-Flores)
15:30 Georeferencing historical maps (Patricia Murrieta-Flores)
16:30 Closing

Registration is free but mandatory.

If you wish to register, please write to Ivo Veiga (
Space is very limited.

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